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The enduring success of Sparks Total Property Maintenance is rooted in our genuine passion for our work. Our team finds continuous inspiration in the gratification of using our hands to both create and solve problems. Every task presents a fresh challenge, making each day unique and invigorating. Our owners take great pride in upholding our commitment to delivering top-notch customer service, a principle that has been ingrained in our company since its inception.



The #CleanItUpJoe initiative began one summer morning as Joseph Fitzpatrick embarked on a run through Newport, RI. Shocked by the abundance of litter lining the streets, particularly near overflowing trash bins, he felt compelled to take action. With a single Facebook post, Joe voiced his concerns and rallied support, ultimately raising funds to address the city's trash problem. The impact of his efforts has since become a testament to the power of community action.

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